A Note on False Starts

A while ago, I was walking through the West Village with a friend of mine. We were discussing the efficacy of personal blogs. What purpose do they serve, and what do they do for us? The conversation meandered between this and a few other tangents on the subject, like: Yeah, it’s always more nerve-wracking putting up a post on your own, without an editor to pass it through. What if I make a grammar mistake? The internet will know I’m a hack, my career will be over!

Except that’s not true, and we knew and acknowledged this.

It’s occurred to me recently that I have a number of half- or quarter-written posts sitting in WordPress of Scrivener—posts and concepts that for whatever reason I’ve decided not to follow through on. Sometimes it’s because I think they’re not good enough. Other times it’s laziness (a lot of the time, yeah, fine).

Good enough for what, though? It occurred to me recently that a collection of public false starts are likely superior to a private one—Janet Malcolm made a book out of them, after all—so I’ve decided to post more.

TLDR; I know more than one Janet Malcolm book, and I’m planning some cool stuff for later. Stay tuned!


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